Food & Family: Khao Soi Boys

Food & Family: Khao Soi Boys

Despite being more than a few weeks into the meteorological Spring, it's been windy and chilly most days. Now that the 6-week Muay Thai camp is over, my Sunday obligations have been rescinded, and the weekend has now been restored back into my possession. With the newly acquired freedom available to me on the weekends I drove back up to Philly.

A brief backstory, the last time I was up this way was back in December around the holidays. I was with my Nephew at the time and found out he never had Vietnamese food before. Being presented with this problem that needed a quick resolution we booked it to the nearest restaurant for the solution to his equation; a hot bowl of Pho to warm up the cold December day was in order. He enj0yed the Summer Roll, Bubble Tea and soup so much. So I told him I would take him to try my favorite foods whenever I am in town. πŸ‘

So this makes the 2nd stop on the Food Palate Ballad tour featuring Thai food, and one of my favorite dishes--Khao Soi! Khao Soi to me tastes so inimitable and distinct. It has all those words the foodies & experts throw around: umami, spicy, aromatic, zesty, succulent &....(you get the point). But, honestly you can succinctly just say that it tastes great and get the point across just as good without any additional adjectives. Decided to try this place Tuk Tuk out in Malvern, PA and they represented quite well.

We started off with some curry puffs, Thai teas, I got Khao Soi beef Thai spicy (need that capsaicin sensation) and he opted for the Chicken with a mild heat. Also ordered two mango sticky rices to complete the starter, entrée' & desert trilogy. It was my first time having Khao soi with beef so I also joined in on the new experiences theme. The broth was amazingggg. The heat gradually built up from its initial light simmer, into its roaring flame that stuck with you until the end. Fortunately, unlike student loans it's a welcomed presence and not a pesky & nauseating one, so enjoy beautiful culinary creations like these while you can! 😁

When it came to close out the waitress asked how did we like the food. I told her my nephew and I concurred it was delicious, and also it was his first time trying Thai food so he was now captivated by the cuisine. She was happy and asked if I ever been to Thailand myself. "Soon! In about 2 months I'll be there" I responded. She was so excited and asked about how long, where I planned to go and etc. Not sure if it was because I mentioned I was headed to Thailand soon or not, but one of the Chefs (Noot) came out and gave us both a sweet coconut drink she was working on. I was discussing with the waitress how I need to get back on my Thai, because right now all I know is Mai Pen Rai and Sabai Sabai. "That's Good!!" she said, then told me to tell Noot aroi-mat-mat(this is so delicious), referring to the coconut drinks. So at this point I'm officially having the best customer service experience one can have at a restaurant. Eating, Education & Entertainment!!?? what else could be better??

Noot came over and gave me a lot of information about Thailand. It was actually so wholesome and personal. Being from Southern Thailand she mentioned don't worry about what they say about monsoon season so much, it won't be that bad with the rain. Southern Thailand around the islands might rain infrequently but it won't damper the days. Also fruit everywhere! For Cheap! Rambutans, Mangosteens, Mangos and Durians! It made me laugh when I said love Khao soi so I'm super excited about going to Chiang Mai to try it at its origin area. (From readings, it was influenced by Burmese, Muslim and Thai cuisine to create its current form.)

Noot said once I go there everything will taste way better. The challenge of trying to create the food how they serve it in the homeland compared to the states is simply the customer. In a normal setting it might be the chicken/duck with the bone in the soup, or lots of bean sprouts for example. Here in the states the average restaurant patron won't want to stray too far from what's considered "normal" on this side of the world. Americans go crazy over carrots and broccoli, so they add that in their soup she mentioned. That ran past my mind in that context about attempting to serve an "authentic dish" in a foreign area. The first order of business is to sell the product. If you are offering up food in the traditional ways, but can't fill seats because it's not palatable to customers, tweaking is necessary. Being a hybrid food snob I can get down with that, and as long as it's good I'm all for it 😎.

Noot told me if I have any questions about Thailand come see her and she will answer them. Her excited for me going was so contagious I got excited! I told her I plan on taking lots of pictures & videos along with vlogging my whole little journey. She followed my YouTube channel so now I really got to represent Thailand right on camera. One thing that was hilarious but also unsurprising when you think about it. It was cheaper to visit Thailand for the summer than enrolling her kids into Summer Camp in the States (The Land of the Fee). Anyways excited to practice my Teeps & Roundhouses all day and eat Krapow & mango sticky rice all night. And everything at Tuk Tuk was Aroi Mak-Mak, will definitely visit again. πŸ˜‹

Next time we will be getting some Japanese Katsu Curry πŸ›