Last Day In America

Last Day In America

Spent the last couple of days talking about going for a bike ride but by the time the evening would come I never quite made near the pedals.

Did not face much resistance just walking around and taking photos.

Short backstory, when the lockdown was initiated in 2020, I, like most folks was in bad shape after a month. My normal routine of going to lifting in the gym, or training Muay Thai was not an option anymore.

However, Vanilla Oreos and Cinnamon Crunch were in abundance with all previous mindful eating restraints lifted.

I’m aware my disposition to inhale an high volume amount of sweet sugar and begin my curious carb calorie consumption campaign when I’m going off the rails.

During that time I ballooned up to 200lbs the highest I’ve exert been.

Anyways, My Dad got me interested in cycling again. Haven’t ridden a bike in ages I decided to take a gravel bike for a spin to recalibrate my muscle memory. The gear shifting had me struggling on any slight incline and hills were demanded me to stop, pay the toll of shifting correct or walking. My balance stayed in the negative for quite a bit.

THEN! One day it all clicked. Shift early for the hills and put it into a lower gear. For more power and resistance higher to go higher,

Riding along the Wissahickon trail in 2020 was my main source of reprieve and exercise from the constant doom of the world.

Revisiting this tranquil trail was the best way to spend my last day to me. I took my camera to take time and appreciate the art, statues and intentional designs placed around all around.

Whizzing by on a bike you can miss a lot.

  • It is a privilege to spend a day reflecting on how far you have grown as a person, and I’m grateful to participate in this journey of life.