100 Days In Asia

100 Days In Asia

It’s been a continuous series of connections and brief periods of intermission since Thursday morning.

I stayed up all night after my bike ride through Philly, repacking and second guessing what I needed to bring.

It started with Amtrak from Philly to DC. Taking an Lyft to Arlington to return my keys for the apartment, then onwards to Dulles for the first leg of the trip which was a layover in Tokyo.

Arriving in Japan I knew I really wanted to get some CoCo Curry because it’s been about 4 years since it appeared before me in a plate. That last time being during the typhoon in 2019. The Katsu curry and sauce was just as good as I remembered. The tonkatsu was crispy and tasty with a light season.

Opting for the level 10 spice, I was greeted with hot, fresh out the pot food and the heat to go along with it.

That fried chicken piece with the dry rub season tastes immaculate. My finger prints were no longer recognizable after I broke it open and saturated it in curry sauce.

All that along with a drink was around 1700 yen about $11 USD. Another reason I love Japan, Amazing food, relatively cheap and no tipping!

After I barely managed to put all that away, I went out to spend the rest of my layover exploring the city since its been awhile.

I headed to Shinjuku specifically Kabukicho since I stayed there my last 2 visits and was more familiar with the area.

I had a Nikon D5600 at the time and didn’t understand the exposure triangle so most of my photos turned out poor. Or maybe they were just super creative because nothing was in focus. 😄

This time around I captured some photos that I’m happy to share.

In Japan just about every street or corner has great lighting and endless layers of composition possible because the abundance of natural framing with train, bridges, buildings etc.

Just arrived in Bangkok a short whole ago. Ready to finally rest and be in one timezone for awhile