The Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest

  • Embarked on my 2nd trip to Seattle this April. Was about 80% of the way there when I remembered Alaska offers free text WiFi and movie streaming! Maybe that would have been a better way to pass the time besides count how many times people get up to use the bathroom. It seems like soon as the mandatory seatbelt light goes off everyone just wants to jump up on there feet and go somewhere. We are 30,000 feet in the air and hours from our destination ya'll, let's just chill... Anyways I had my Kindle loaded with 3 new books and my journal. My plan was to get some chapters read and some of my thoughts jotted down on paper, however, those activities eluded me all flight.
    • Anyways, about 5 hours later, landed at the airport, then met up with Zaria who happily took time out her busy schedule of saving lives to spend time with me 😄.
    • The cameras I brought along were my Fuji X-T5 and a Point & Shoot film style camera (Olympus Trip 35 AF-C). Which photos do you think turned out better? The final photo gallery at the bottom of the page are all film captures.

Highlights of this trip were definitely these spots:

  • Fuji Bakery - I'm a big pastry and sweet guy but for these last couple months I've been trying to slim down for Thailand. So these have been my first sweets in a while and my first time having a Malasada. You could describe them as round cream filled pastries. The flavors were the star here featuring: ube, matcha, passionfruit, yuzu and even adzuki (bean paste). The matcha and ube were my favorite. From the photos you can tell I was enjoying the 7 or so we got.
  • La Cocina Oaxaqueña - Wasn't expecting to find this place. The last time I had a tlayuda was last June in Oaxaca. I must say the one they served here had the same quality as the ones served in Oaxaca valley. The tortillas were also served warm, and bonus chapulines (if that's your thing)


  • Deceptively Expensive Rooftop Taco Bar - The food was good but there was only about 3 different tacos to choose from. The tacos themselves were like $7 for one if I'm remember correctly. The DMV prices usually hit you over the head but this had to be 1st degree battery or something because it was premeditated. The food for the restaurant on the main level looked good, but as for the rooftop "Point of Order, Your out of Order". 🧑‍⚖️
  • Timezones, Jetlag and Gaining/Losing hours - Don't need to add much to this because having that lost time feeling going from West to East is something else. If Time is Money then you lose with the addition of a multiplier.

Places in the gallery below:

  • Pikes Place Market
  • Belltown
  • South Lake Union
  • Capital Hill
  • Lower Queen Anne

Thoughts on the Olympus Trip 35

As mentioned above I brought the Olympus Trip 35 point & shoot with me loaded with Fujifilm 400. I know I'm quite late to the whole analog hipster film club revolution but these turned out nice to me. Also they made me anticipate the development results because I had no idea whether I had a good exposure or not. Having digital cameras are a blessing but come with some caveats. They do provide us with instant feedback on a photo. Which in turn we can give the nod of approval and move on, or adjust until contentment is reached.

  • However, it can also cause overanalyzing and a spiraling search for the "perfect shot", which can lead to an abundance of similar looking photos to be sorted through. It makes me think of how some barbers will go over a hairline over and over to have the perfect the line, but all it ends up doing in the end is making it look goofy. Imperfection can be perfection in that way, while the trivial pursuit of perfection can lead to a "bad jawn" (results that aren't good).
  • Overall point and shoot style cameras mesh well with my current character aesthetic and decision making I'm shifting towards. Having less choices frees me up to just go out and perform actions without deciding between spending too much time at the starting point. Not just with cameras, but other hobbies and daily decisions I encounter day by day. It's a tendency of mine to get paralyzed when it's so many options to choose from. The Olympus along with other P&S's make that easy by reducing the shot down to the simples steps of: framing your subject and hitting the shutter. No need to spend an a substantial amount of time working a scene. Spray and Pray baby!
Autofocus Engaged?
  • Joking aside, the Olympus Trip 35 does have a zone focusing system so you can gauge the distances for subjects quite easy. I will try to always have a P&S with me for now on. The pocket ability is one of the strongest attributes from this style of cameras. With the cliff hanger of film development being another.

I hope you enjoyed the photos (and ramblings) which wouldn't have been possible without Zaria behind the lens on them.