Hua Hin Update: Incoming!
Last Day Cracking Pads

Hua Hin Update: Incoming!

24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and 4 weeks equate to 1 month. But it still seems like I just got here not that long ago.

My 30 day stay in Hua Hin has reached the duration of its limit with my final Saturday night this evening. I'll be headed to Phuket in the morning.

Seems like I was just getting my bearings around this beautiful town, simply scratching the surface of a fraction of things available.

The freeing feeling of just riding a scooter down an empty road at night. 😌

The simple pleasure of hanging your clothes out to air dry in the sun. ☺️

The passage of time is fascinating. It truly flies when you are enjoying every moment.

Got some cool photos and intriguing stories to share. So stay tuned!

This song eloquently expresses the bittersweet feeling I have about leaving.